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PaySii-21 November, 2019-1 min read

PaySii is proud to announce partnership with IPS.

PaySii, has partnered with International Payment Services of the Kingdom of Bahrain an Instant Payment Hub in the Middle East. This partnership opens corridors to East African countries for PaySii clients enabling them to send-low fee transfers.

PaySii’s services are now available in most European countries enabling communities of east African origin to send instant and low-fee money transfers at any time to Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia and Uganda.

IPS is a Payment Services Provider (PSP) company licensed in Bahrain with extensive service connections to Banks and Mobile operators throughout Africa, Asia and Middle East. IPS is also an acquirer and principal member of both VISA and MasterCard and China UnionPay.

“Partnering with IPS Bahrain is a huge step for PaySii to enter East African markets. It’s a great opportunity for us to announce that our customers will now be able to send money to their families and friends instantly through their mobile wallets and bank accounts”.
Zahir Islam,
Executive Director, PaySii
“IPS strives to become a global hub for payment processing and this partnership with PaySii is another step of realizing our vision. This agreement gives millions of East Africans a connection to receive lifeline support from their family members in Europe”.
Abdullahi A Hussein,
Director, International Payment Services

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