CEO Statement

Dear all,

I would take this opportunity to thank you all for using the service of Paysii. At Paysii, our objective is to drive a high standard & trustworthy money remittance service for all customer who choose us over others. Transparency is at the core of Paysii’s operation. We promise to make remittance easy and very simple to everyone. Therefore, we have launched our user-friendly online platform to serve the community around the globe.

This season, we have taken few measures to take the business of Paysii to even greater level. With a vision to be the money remittance business market leader We are growing our operations from north America to Oceania. We would like to make sure our valued clients are able to send and receive money easily and reliably, by using our safe, secure, and simple money remittance platform Paysii.

Our Peoples are the central of our business Paysii success in this particular context. I wish to Address the benefits of our people's competences and efforts which will comfort our customer around the globe. At Paysii we promised to deliver customer centric simple, safe and secure money remittance service, which will help us to empower the community around the globe.

Yours truly,

Zahir Islam
Chief Executive Officer, PaySii

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